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If a client decides to cancel, the deposit (minus the £50 booking fee) is fully refundable up until 4 weeks before the wedding date or 48 hours after the trial (if the booking was made within 4 weeks of the wedding). The cancellation policy does not apply to weddings made, or trials conducted within 2 weeks of the wedding or where the final balance has already been received (unless due to Covid-19 restrictions)

Postponements due to Covid-19 

If you need to postpone your wedding we shall make sure that where possible you keep the same Wedding Hair Stylists and/or Bridal Make-Up Artist. If however they are already booed on your new date we shall find you a replacement Stylist/Artist. This may mean you would want another trail, if so there would a charge for this.

If I have lots of bridesmaids will there be enough time to get everyone ready on the day?

Yes! Our stylists always ensure that they arrive prompt and on time. Your detailed schedule, which will have been created ahead of the day, will ensure that the morning runs smoothly with each person getting the right amount of attention required. If necessary we can arrange for an additional hair/make-up assistant to help. 


How can I ensure my make-up stays perfect all day?

The Bridal Make-Up Artists specialize specifically in Bridal make-up, therefore the techniques the artists use in application will give your make-up great staying power through even the most tearful events! You can also book your Bridal Make-up Artist to stay and be on standby offering touch-ups throughout the day so that you look your absolute best all day long. We always recommend that you have your own lipstick/gloss to keep with you and a pressed powder (just incase!).


Do you charge extra for travel?

Travel expenses may apply depending on the location of you and your stylist.
Travel is charged at £0.50p per mile for bookings outside 10 miles from Cm23 plus any parking charges that may apply. 
For bookings within the M25, congestion charge and parking if applicable.
Please contact us for an accurate quote 

I have sensitive skin, what products do you use?

 The Bridal Make-Up Artists use a wide variety of products that work well on different skin type.

We  provide our brides with safe clean makeup, No animal testing, No Parabens, No Gluten  and  Vegan stamped products along with a selection of well known high street brands within their kits. If you have sensitive skin and/or you have any favorite products… just let your Bridal Make-Up Artist know.


Should my hair be freshly washed before the trial run?

It would be best to have your hair clean and dry when you arrive. Please wash it on the day, but don’t use any deep conditioners, leave-in products, 2in1 shampoo & conditioners and or straighten your hair.


Would you like me to wear my usual makeup for the trial run?

Please arrive with no make-up on just moisturizer.

Do I need my veil and hair accessories for the trial run?

No, it’s by no means essential. It is more important to get a hairstyle that is perfect for you. when we find your perfect hairstyle for any hair accessories you choose will work beautifully.


Do I need to bring images of the hairstyles/make-up I like?

It’s always helpful to get a selection of images together showing styles that you like, it will just give us an idea of the sort of things you might like to try. We are happy to more than happy to look at them when we meet for the trial run but would prefer them sent to your Wedding Hair Stylist in advance.

Do the bridesmaids/ brides mum need to have a trial run?

It’s usually just the bride, but we are happy to do a trial run for any members of your bridal party if they are concerned about their hair and/or makeup for the ‘big day’. Please book this in advance. From our experience, once the bride is happy everyone else relaxes and is happy to meet The Artist/Stylist on the wedding day for the first time. However, if they would like a trial there would be a charge for this. Alternatively, they could come along to meet your Artist/Sylist on the trial day and just have a chat – no charge!!

Is it ok to invite a friend along when I have my trial?

Definitely! Just be careful though – if you have too many people you’ll get lots of different opinions – and you might find more of a hindrance than a help :)

When should I have my trial run?

Most people have their trial run anything from 6 months to 6 weeks before the wedding but anytime is fine.

How much time do you need on the wedding day?

Your Stylist/Artist will work out the exact timings for the big day at your trial run. We always allow plenty of time for dressing, photography, travel and so on. Making sure you’re ready and relaxed before you make your big entrance.

What happens if you are ill on my wedding day?

Reliability…Whatever the time of your wedding, You Stylist/Artist will arrive in plenty of time ensuring you’re ready on time on your big day. Should they  become very unwell we will endeavor to replace you Stylist/Artist , We also keep records of every trial run… so your perfect look can be achieved.

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